30-day Totally Complimentary Tests Of Business Intelligence Tools

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30-day Totally Complimentary Tests Of Business Intelligence Tools – Your Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform Hello! Welcome to your own fully customized marketing automation search platform.

The market is recovering and marketers are coming back quickly. Reach more potential. More customers – close today!

30-day Totally Complimentary Tests Of Business Intelligence Tools

I stumbled upon SharpSpring a few years ago while using HubSpot. I liked it so much that I changed it. I started showing it to all my clients and everyone signed up. Today I’m a reseller and want to get you started on your own fully featured Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that will be customized specifically for your business development goals. It’s all about the Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform. Together we define your BD strategy and plan your SharpSpring just for you. Capital is not invested. No deep learning curve. The frustration that usually comes with other systems; complications; There are no discrepancies. You now have access to an ad agency marketing automation platform.

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What makes this offering unique is that it comes with over 20 years of experience and hands-on experience working with new ad agency business and SharpSpring exclusive use of new business development for new ad agency business. Other systems have general user functions and settings configured for the lowest common denominator. Make sure your system is tailored just for you and your team. Everyone who uses it is trained in what they need to know to make it work for them. In addition, Everyone is comfortable, an invaluable tool for the agency. Teach your BD people to be confident and excited. SharpSpring includes invaluable validation functions in today’s market and seamlessly integrates them into one intuitive tool. This is my ad agency marketing automation platform.

Read a recent example of how this platform can create opportunities you would never have known about without it.

I’m sure you’ll love it, just like my other ad agency clients. Get your first 30 days free. No need to commit No credit card so you can test drive it and find ways it can make you more productive. It can make you more active and more successful. If you don’t agree, excel is the best thing. You have nothing to lose except your curiosity. We want you to be competitive in this new era of advertising agency business development. But we also want you to feel confident in such an investment. That’s why there’s absolutely no risk for you to try it out, other than the possibility of finding a great new tool. in fact, Depending on what you’re paying now, you can save money by subscribing. email platform; social media platform; You can stop paying for website tracking subscriptions and other services because they’re all included in this package – the first ad agency marketing automation platform.

$650 monthly; 100,000 contacts; 25,000 emails per month. (Includes more than $600 in monthly savings, enough capacity to grow, and other great features)

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Go to the SharpSpring website for a price comparison. See www.sharpspring.com/pricing and see how much they charge for the same subscription. Sign up with me and you’ll see savings of over $600 a month!

You can subscribe on a monthly basis; no long-term contract; You can leave it at any time; There are no annual payments. The monthly fee is automatically charged to your credit card, so you don’t need to do anything else. You get a fully featured MAP for $600 less than SharpSpring’s published price, plus the $1,800 one-time onboarding fee they charge. You will have my expertise to set up your system while working with you. New agency business strategies and tactics to ensure you get the most from your SharpSpring investment. after all, That is exactly what I do for my clients. You have a platform that you can use immediately; You have a platform that feels and works for you, not against you: a high-performance business development machine that we’ve defined together.

If you’re wondering which platform is right for you, Prices across leading platforms; Download the SharpSpring Comparison Tool to compare features and user reviews.

A one-time setup fee of $1,800 is 12 to ensure you and your team can make the most of the platform. 1 hour live screen sharing exercises. The first 6 sessions cover the 6 core functions of the platform and the second 6 sessions cover more advanced functions. Plus, you get unlimited technical support and free ongoing training as you need it. You also get free feature upgrades (gotta see their roadmap – wow!) and help speed up the platform or your new business strategy and implementation. Below are examples of training sessions. We’ll customize it for your agency’s needs and experience.

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I’m a little biased because of the advantage of knowing how good it is for me. That’s why I’ve developed this special offer for advertising agencies like yours. who knows the system who knows your business; The value of having someone who knows what you’re doing makes all the difference. Just give you a password and leave it to yourself. You’ll get the right expertise with the SharpSpring platform to make sure it’s right for you. The best way to air your concerns is to schedule a call and let me show you how I use it and what I’ve learned over the last few years. That way you can save yourself from making the same mistake I did. If you’re not ready for a phone call, check out some more tips below.

Salesforce Hubspot, Do names like Marketo make you cringe? I used most of the top names in the development of advertising agency business. Every agency is registered in a CRM or other MAP systems or other similar tools. I invested a lot of time and money into learning about each and every one of them hoping to get the great results they all claim. However, Whenever I realized that these systems were not designed for me or ad agency business development. They are made for large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of customers going through overly complex sales processes. Whenever a missile defense system has to be reprogrammed to accomplish simple tasks, I was frustrated and excited that I didn’t do well enough to make it worthwhile. So every time I go back to the papers I promise I’ll never leave again until I meet SharpSpring.

I speak with many agencies and one common concern is the learning curve of the new system. Some people spend an obscene amount of time and money on CRM or MAP and get nothing out of it. Statistically speaking, nearly 64% of companies fail to adopt a marketing automation platform. A recent Econsultancy study found that 37% of clients say their marketing automation is completely unsuccessful. Video tutorials to ensure that questions are answered immediately at SharpSpring; documents, There’s plenty of built-in help, like community forums and a full-page help menu.

I looked at the data to understand why so many companies didn’t adopt their system. The main reasons are the learning curve; Poor UX; counterproductive processes and a general fear of change. That’s why my approach is better. When you sign up, train your people; Your investment will be worthwhile as it will overcome any fears and give you the confidence to use the platform. SharpSpring has great UX and agency-intuitive processes. If someone gets stuck, no matter what questions arise. Or if something doesn’t seem right. Or call me if the steps are unclear. If I don’t have the answers. I have a great operational and technical support team behind me – unlimited free support.

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As an advertising agency business development consultant, the pressure to make every minute count; I know the anxiety of getting it all done and the frustration of missing out on things outside of the job requirements, like learning a new process. So I believe having someone with my experience to train you on this platform is the best of both worlds. I have checked. I know you have to synchronize the way you think and the way you work. I know how to get the speed and efficiency that promises to let you apply your energy and intelligence to the real challenges of agency growth. You can see and report on your prospects in the pipeline with the robust sales pipeline functionality described below; Draw on data to help them determine the best next steps to take and better predict future revenue.

Think about it. As your prospects grow in your career, they take on more responsibility; sitting on bigger budgets; to move to larger companies; It gives you greater authority and autonomy to appoint. If one of them is stuck,

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